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Projector in Human Design explained by a Projector - Wait for the invitation? [Actual Experience]

Are you a projector in your Human Design and do not understand what this type consists of? Here I am going to explain to you under the official theory and my experience what it means to be a projector so that it is easier for you to understand it.

Article author: Laia Numerology Specialist in practical and effective personal self-knowledge.

When I found out that I was a projector, many suspicions about my life that had been on my mind for years were cleared up. It can confirm some of my suspicions, but I also had other doubts that it was based on the official theory of Human Design. This essential doubt was that of a projector's strategy of waiting for the invitation. I was filled with deep doubts and I asked myself if I had to stop my life forever because of it, always wait to be invited and recognized?

But let's start from the beginning, I'm going to explain what a Human Design Projector is so that you can really know what it means to be this human design figure.

What is a Human Design Projector?

A Projector in Human Design explained in a simple way, is a vital way of being of a person that works through an energy that it takes from the outside and absorbs it to then be able to have energy as a projector to do things on a day-to-day basis.

It's something you can't escape no matter how hard you try. The human design is created from astrology and that is why this information is obtained from our date. This means that if you are a projector, you were born like this, and it is not something that can be modified. You can only understand yourself more deeply knowing that it is a projector to improve your quality of life, and all aspects of your life such as your personal or work relationships or in general your relationship with the world.

A projector needs energy from outside to work because it is a non-energy type of person. Literally, it is that you are tired, and having a generating, manifesting, or manifesting generating person close by will give you that energy to absorb since they have their own energy. The reflectors have no energy and are like projectors, so it is more important to surround yourself with generators, manifestors and manifesting generators, although these are the majority of people in the world and projectors and reflectors are barely existent, reflectors being the least existent yet, there are very few people in the world with this type of human design.

The reason for absorbing this energy is because the projectors were born to guide other people. To guide other people theoretically, so we don't need physical work of strength or too deep intellect. If we don't need those jobs where we see and guide other people, in any discipline, it doesn't have to be a coach, it can be the coordinator of a food production plant of some kind who takes feedback from the workers and reorganizes

So, by receiving that feedback with the absorption of energy from these people, we are able to take an X-ray of them that makes us fully understand them. From this absorption derives the fact that we are very empathic, in addition to the fact that we love to observe, see, elucidate and hit the nail on the head. We love to advise, because we know what is going to happen. That x-ray that we do to people, that way of observing, and learning on our own makes us capable of giving a fairly accurate opinion on a specific topic. That's when the projector strategy comes into play.

Strategy of the Projector Wait for the invitation?

Well, the official theory tells us that projectors cannot exercise their lives without waiting for the invitation or being recognized by other people who ask us about a topic, invite us to a place, or tell us “How much do you know! of this subject!" a course, change jobs or go buy bread.

So I had to think a bit about this, since I'm a projector so I racked my brain trying to make sense of it, since it is not given in the official theory. And when I have informed myself about this, no one can really say what it is to wait for the invitation. And they always tell us to stay still or bad things will happen to us, nothing will work out for us in life.

But if this were the case, how is it that there are people who are generators, manifestors, and manifestors who do things and do things wrong? if these people are the ones who can do it themselves without waiting for the invitation. Only manifestors who are very few can perform successful actions? Well, I was about to think that human design is useless. Since it was when I acted by myself, without hesitation, without asking anyone what they thought, without asking for help and without anything when it went well for me.

So I finally realized that the official theory doesn't make it clear, but what is very clear is that it refers to what as a projector you should be wait for the invitation only to realize the vital objective of a projector which is: to guide others in a personal way.

This is why when you give your personalized opinion to people it is not welcomed by the other person if they have not asked you before or if they were not receptive. So, waiting for the invitation or being recognized by the other person (who shows a very obvious interest) is what will allow you to give them a personalized opinion about their life or about any topic that interests that person.

But if you do not ask us, we will have to wait and not give an opinion or guide regarding your life, your project, or something that is personalized for that person. But if we can make our life, give general opinions, share information that is not to anyone in particular, or we can also take a course, choose our job, choose what to do in our lives and any other type of action we want to do.

Learning on our own will be essential for other people to ask us and want us to give them doctrine. That way they will recognize us and invite us.

Something that will help you a lot if you are a projector to find your direction, when being surrounded by people makes us absorb their energy and we get lost on our way to empathize with others, is my Vocational Calculator, which is like a compass that tells you what you are good at and shares certain aspects of your vocational talents to give purpose to your life.

I can tell you that I would have loved to find it like this years ago when I was lost. Even so, it helps me a lot to have this calculator, because when I see that I get a little lost I can go back to review my talents and my purpose guide with the information that this calculator throws.

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