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Numerology Month: 1 (December / 2023)

This month December of 2023 has a numerological energy 1 so there is an energy available to you that you can take advantage of to get the best on this day:

The numerological value 1 has positive and negative characteristics that you should take into account:

Positive aspects: Starting new opportunities, independence, self-expression.

Negative aspects: Selfishness, impatience, lack of perspective.

Number 1 Positive Energy

We must take advantage of this stretch to be able to take actions aligned with this numerological energy, and in this way we can be more successful in our initiatives:

Focusing on Time Stage 1 offers us the opportunity to take control of our lives and take responsibility for our own destinies. We can develop a stronger sense of autonomy and confidence in our abilities.

It encourages us to take the initiative and act. We can take advantage of this energy to start new projects or ventures, set personal goals and take the first steps to achieve them. Determined action leads us to obtain positive results.

During this stage, we can come forward with our true identity and express ourselves authentically. It motivates us to discover our passions, talents and core values, allowing us to share them with the world in a unique and meaningful way.

By harnessing the energy of stage 1, we can build our self-confidence. It motivates us to believe in our abilities and to trust our decisions, which drives us to progress with determination towards our goals.

Stage 1 invites us to investigate new ideas and perspectives. It encourages us to think outside the box and find creative solutions to the challenges we face. We can find new ways of doing things and develop our creativity in different aspects of life.

Negative Energy of Number 1

With this issue we will see that there can also be challenges and obstacles that derive from the use of energy on this day. Take into account the following information so as not to fall into these difficulties:

The energy of Time Period 1 will cause us to focus too much on our own needs and goals, neglecting the needs and perspectives of others. If we are not balanced, we could fall into selfish attitudes and not consider the impact of our actions on others.

Can create a sense of urgency and a desire for quick results. If we get carried away with impatience, we can make hasty decisions or act impulsively without considering the long-term consequences.

This period is associated with independence and individual self-expression. On its negative side, this makes us excessively self-sufficient and reluctant to work in a team or seek the collaboration of others. If we are not open to the ideas and contributions of others, we may miss opportunities for growth and development.

It can generate a strong initial momentum, but it can also diminish if we do not maintain constant perseverance. There is a risk of losing interest or motivation after the initial enthusiasm, which can lead to abandoning important projects or goals early.

If we stick too closely to our initial ideas and plans during period 1, we can become inflexible and resistant to change. Lack of adaptability can make it difficult to handle unforeseen situations or take advantage of opportunities that arise along the way.

By being focused on our own goals and desires, we may neglect the needs and feelings of others. This can lead to strained relationships or interpersonal conflicts if we are not aware of maintaining a balance between our interests and those of others.

It is important to bear in mind that the positive energies of this stage will only manifest if we act in the indicated area, which will make it more favorable for us that those actions aligned with the energy of this period are prosperous.

However, when taking action in this field determined by the energy of this period we can also encounter challenges or obstacles related to the excessive energy of this day.

Other numerological energies that intervene within this month:

- Number 8: Power, success. This week focuses on the energy of power, success, and the manifestation of material goals. It is an auspicious time to focus on prosperity, abundance and the achievement of financial goals. During this week, it is important to make decisions based on responsibility and long-term planning. It is a time to set ambitious goals and work diligently to achieve them, taking advantage of opportunities for professional growth and development.

- Number 9: Compassion, completion. This week is charged with the energy of completion, compassion, and altruism. It is a propitious period to close cycles, leave behind what no longer serves us and prepare for new beginnings. During this week, it is important to reflect on our past experiences, forgive and let go of any resentment or emotional baggage. It is also a time to practice compassion towards others and contribute to the collective well-being.

- Number 4: Stability, organization. This week focuses on stability, organization and hard work. It is a propitious period to establish solid foundations, create structure and set realistic goals. During this week, it is important to be disciplined and focus on efficiency and productivity. It is a time to carry out practical tasks, take responsibility and establish routines that help you achieve your long-term goals.

This numerological month energy will be influenced by your Life Number, this means that each person will be affected differently. But here you can find the updated monthly Numerology for your specific Life Number with which you can find out how it will affect you specifically. Read here my Personal Numerology for this month.

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