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Free Short Enneagram Test without difficult questions [1 minute]

Do all the enneagram tests seem complex to know your personality? Get your enneatype easily without difficult questions in this short, simple and fast Enneatype Test. In just 1 minute you will get your answer.

It's been a while since I read about the Enneagram and it fascinated me just like you. But the Enneagram Test questions are complex to answer to the point that you may not know who you are because each answer can depend on each situation and they are not questions with yes or no answers.

In my case I have prepared a Free Short Enneagram Test that if you are in the same situation as I am, it will surely help you to know what your personality is. Although, this test has a very different approach, but maybe it will help you for exactly that, because it is not the traditional approach.

This test relies on Numerology because I found that the result fit perfectly. with all the people around me. I related it when I got pissed off for not knowing what my enneatype is and then my brain went to work thinking about whether the two subjects would be related.

Numerology uses the numbers of your date of birth to find the Life Number by simplifying them. I really don't know if Numerology and the Enneagram have a tangible relationship, but I can tell you that I find it surprising that I get the calculation more correct than I myself answering an Enneagram Test of traditional questions.

This gives us a one-digit number or 11, 22 or 33, which in the case of these special numbers would correspond to a different enneatype result.

Then, you simply have to add your date of birth here and click on "Get my Enneatype" to see your Life Number (Numerology) and your Enneatype Number along with a brief description of each Enneatype and of each Life Number:

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Enneagram Test Results

The results of this Test tell us, according to the Enneagram field, that your Enneatype number obtained, calculated by Numerology, corresponding to the Life Number, corresponds to the following list:

  1. Enneatype 1: correct person with moral excellence, who believes that things are right or wrong without intermediate nuances. But on their positive side they are leaders, ethical and tolerant people.

    In Numerology, the Life Number 1 attends to proactive, enterprising people, who like new challenges and without inspiration and leaders. But negatively they can impose what they think and be selfish, as well as having little patience.

  2. Enneatype 2: these are people who need others to need them or are hurt, but instead they can be altruistic and detached.

    In Numerology, the Life Number 2 corresponds to people whose greatest ability is to relate to others and mediate between people by creating bonds. But in the negative they can be easily influenced and will be afraid of rejection and being hurt.

  3. Enneatype 3: Enneatype 3 wants others to like them. They are judicious if they say no that they do not want to hear. But they can be sincere and most productive in their positive state.

    In Numerology the Life Number 3 are people who came to express and inspire others. They have great communication skills and creativity. Negatively, they can tend to be selfish and materialistic and critical of others.

  4. Enneatype 4: This Enneatype compares themselves a lot with others and they feel lacking, but on the optimistic side they will be empathetic and creative.

    In Numerology the Life Number 4 are hardworking, constant and focused people in life. They are very conscientious and have order and discipline, negatively they can become lazy and have a rigid mind.

  5. Enneatype 5: 5 people are observant and need less to have less pain. They are wise, intuitive and love to learn.

    In Numerology, the Life Number 5 is those people who love to learn and transmit what they have learned. They help others to evolve mentally. In the negative, they can get lost in life and lose focus when flying freely.

  6. Enneatype 6: 6 people are loyal, they are afraid and they think about the worst scenarios. They tend to be catastrophic. But when they are positive they are very brave people, great friends and loyal people.

    In Numerology, the Life Number 6 are people who take care of the people around them, empathize with them and take care of them. But in the negative they can give themselves a lot and end up being possessive and very sensitive.

  7. Enneatype 7: is 7 is a person with enthusiasm who plans the future fleeing from the present for which they are obsessive. They are never satisfied. But on their positive side they are very present, committed, encouraging and enjoy the present moment.

    In Numerology, the Life Number 7 are people who will give others the focus of where they have to go. They learn daily and have wisdom. Negatively, they can feel superior to others and be frustrated by their failure, creating a shell.

  8. Enneatype 8: 8 people tend to challenge because they impart their law to everyone else and think that there are weak or strong people. They have little self-critical capacity. But positively with protective people, defenders of their own, and they help other people very strongly.

    In Numerology, the Life Number 8 are people capable of creating great abundance, either economically or in all aspects of life. They are determined, ambitious and independent. Negatively, they can be stubborn, demanding and self-centered.

  9. Enneatype 9: 9 is a very peaceful Enneatype, although they are quite lazy and adapt to others by disconnecting from themselves. In their positive state they are mediating people, easy to get along with and peacemakers.

    In Numerology, the Life Number 9 will be those people who seek to educate large masses of people, including them, to progress in their lives. They are strong but dominant character people. Negatively, they can use any means, even if it is unethical, to achieve their goals. They can be selfish and impatient.

If your result was 11 or 22 then your priority enneatype will be the first digit of 11 or 22, as you got, but you also have part of the enneatype of your simplified number, for example, if you are 11 adding 1+ 1 you get 2 so you have part of enneatype 2. Anyway, I explain this more in depth in my Eneatype guide that you will find on Etsy.

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