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What are the doors that exist in Human Design? Know them all

Learn about the exciting world of doors in Human Design, windows to your authentic personality and potential. We explore examples of defined gates and how to work with this wisdom for greater self-knowledge and richer relationships. Join us on this journey towards understanding who we really are.

Article author: Laia Numerology Specialist in practical and effective personal self-knowledge.

If you are here, it is because you have decided to venture into the exciting territory of doors in Human Design. These doors are like hidden gems that reveal secrets about your personality and potential. In this article, I will take you by the hand to explore together the wonders of the doors in Human Design and how they can illuminate your path to self-knowledge.

What are Doors in Human Design?

Before we dive into the depths of the gates in Human Design, it is important to understand what they are. These gates are specific points on your Human Design chart that are “defined,” meaning they have a stable connection to one or more energy centers. Each of these doors is associated with a hexagram of the I Ching, an ancient Chinese form of wisdom that represents energy patterns and life situations.

List of doors in Human Design

The doors in Human Design act as lenses that allow you to focus and understand different aspects of your personality. Each door has its own unique story, challenges and gifts. When you begin to explore the doors defined in your own Human Design, you are on a journey toward self-knowledge that will help you better understand yourself and others.

Center of the Head (Gates 1 to 7)

Door 1 - Creativity: Door 1 is the door of Creativity. People with this door are innovative and have a sharp mind.

Gate 2 - Kindness: Gate 2 represents Kindness. Here we find understanding people willing to help.

Gate 3 - Willpower: Gate 3 symbolizes Willpower. These people are driven and oriented towards success.

Door 4 - The Family: Door 4 is the door of the Family. These people deeply value family connections and emotional bonds.

Gate 5 - The Detail: Gate 5 is related to the Detail. Here we find meticulous people with an analytical mind.

Gate 6 - Conflict: Gate 6 represents Conflict. Here we see people who face and solve challenges.

Gate 7 - The Company: Gate 7 symbolizes the Company. These people enjoy fun and social connection.

Center of the Throat (Gates 8 to 15)

Gate 8 - Integrity: Gate 8 is the door of Integrity. These people are trustworthy and seek the truth.

Gate 9 - Innocence: Gate 9 represents Innocence. Here we find people who seek harmony and peace.

Gate 10 - Authority: Gate 10 symbolizes Authority. These people can have a powerful influence and be natural leaders.

Gate 11 - Opinion: Gate 11 is related to Opinion. Here we see people with strong beliefs and values. Gate 12 - The Fall: Gate 12 is the gate of the Fall. These people experience cycles of emotional ups and downs.

Gate 13 - Listening: Gate 13 represents Listening. Here we find people who value communication and understanding.

Gate 14 - Dexterity: Gate 14 symbolizes Dexterity. These people are skilled in various skills.

Gate 15 - The Extension: Gate 15 relates to the Extension. Here we see people seeking to expand their knowledge.

Center of the Spleen (Doors 16 to 27)

Gate 16 - The Impulse: Gate 16 is the door of the Impulse. These people are quick to make decisions.

Gate 17 - Following: Gate 17 represents Following. Here we find people who can be influenced by others. Gate 18 - Corruption: Gate 18 symbolizes Corruption. These people may be vulnerable to negative influences.

Gate 19 - Sensitivity: Gate 19 is the gate of Sensitivity. These people are very perceptive and empathetic.

Gate 20 - Contemplation: Gate 20 is related to Contemplation. Here we see thoughtful and deep people.

Gate 21 - The Contribution: Gate 21 represents the Contribution. These people seek to make a difference in the world.

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Gate 22 - Grace: Gate 22 symbolizes Grace. These people have an elegant way of doing things.

Gate 23 - The Pressure: Gate 23 is the gate of Pressure. Here we find people who can face challenges under pressure.

Gate 24 - The Law of Return: Gate 24 relates to the Law of Return. These people believe in justice and equity.

Gate 25 - Innocence: Gate 25 represents Innocence. These people are optimistic and look for the good in life.

Gate 26 - The Power of Transformation: Gate 26 symbolizes the Power of Transformation. These people can experience profound changes.

Gate 27 - Nutrition: Gate 27 is the gate of Nutrition. Here we see people seeking to nourish themselves physically and emotionally.

Heart Center (Gates 28 to 49)

Door 28 - The Struggle: Door 28 represents the Struggle. These people may have a competitive spirit.

Gate 29 - The Passion: Gate 29 symbolizes the Passion. Here we find passionate and enthusiastic people.

Gate 30 - Desire: Gate 30 is the gate of Desire. These people may be desired by others.

Gate 31 - Influence: Gate 31 is related to Influence. Here we see people who can have a great impact.

Gate 32 - The Duration: Gate 32 represents the Duration. These people are persistent and persevering.

Door 33 - Privacy: Door 33 symbolizes Privacy. Here we find people who value their personal space.

Heart Center (Gates 28 to 49)

Gate 34 - The Power of the Great: Gate 34 is the door of the Power of the Great. These people have an impressive ability to lead and take initiative.

Gate 35 - Progress: Gate 35 represents Progress. Here we see people who seek to constantly advance and improve.

Gate 36 - The Crisis: Gate 36 is related to the Crisis. These people can face challenges and transform difficult situations.

Gate 37 - Friendship: Gate 37 symbolizes Friendship. Here we find people who deeply value friendly connections.

Door 38 - The Fighter: Door 38 is the door of the Fighter. These people have a fighting spirit and persistence.

Gate 39 - The Provocation: Gate 39 represents the Provocation. Here we see people who can challenge norms and conventions.

Gate 40 - Liberation: Gate 40 symbolizes Liberation. These people seek to free themselves from restrictions and experience freedom.

Gate 41 - The Decrease: Gate 41 is related to Decrease. Here we see people who can experience ups and downs in their energy.

Gate 42 - The Augmenter: Gate 42 represents the Augmenter. These people can have a positive influence on others.

Gate 43 - Determination: Gate 43 is the gate of Determination. Here we find persistent and determined people.

Gate 44 - The Traveler: Gate 44 symbolizes the Traveler. These people enjoy exploration and travel.

Gate 45 - The Gathering: Gate 45 relates to the Gathering. Here we see people who value collaboration and community.

Gate 46 - The Upward Pusher: Gate 46 represents the Upward Pusher. These people have the ability to overcome obstacles and challenges.

Gate 47 - Oppression: Gate 47 is the gate of Oppression. Here we find people who may feel oppressed in restrictive situations.

Gate 48 - The Reaction: Gate 48 symbolizes the Reaction. These people can respond thoughtfully to circumstances.

Gate 49 - The Revolution: Gate 49 is related to the Revolution. Here we see people who seek change and innovation.

Root Center (Gates 50 to 61)

Gate 50 - Courage: Gate 50 is the gate of Courage. These people can take risks and face challenges bravely.

Gate 51 - The Commotion: Gate 51 represents the Commotion. Here we see people who can cause impact and surprise.

Gate 52 - Calm: Gate 52 symbolizes Calm. These people can maintain serenity in the midst of chaos.

Gate 53 - The Beginning: Gate 53 is related to the Beginning. Here we see people who are ready for new beginnings and adventures.

Gate 54 - Ambition: Gate 54 represents Ambition. These people seek to achieve their goals and objectives with determination.

Gate 55 - Abundance: Gate 55 is the gate of Abundance. Here we find people who attract prosperity and wealth.

Gate 56 - The Path: Gate 56 symbolizes the Path. These people are connected to a particular life path.

Gate 57 - Intuition: Gate 57 is related to Intuition. Here we see people who trust their inner wisdom.

Gate 58 - Vitality: Gate 58 represents Vitality. These people have abundant and energetic energy.

Gate 59 - Passivity: Gate 59 is the gate of Passivity. Here we find people who can be more receptive and passive.

Gate 60 - The Limitation: Gate 60 is related to Limitation. Here we find people who may experience restrictions and obstacles.

Gate 61 - Authenticity: Gate 61 represents Authenticity. These people seek to live authentically and genuinely.

Center of the Throat (Gates 62 to 70)

Door 62 - Communication: Door 62 is the door of Communication. These people have a special ability to express their ideas.

Gate 63 - The Challenge: Gate 63 symbolizes the Challenge. Here we find people who can face challenging situations.

Gate 64 - Confusion: Gate 64 is the gate of Confusion. These people may experience moments of uncertainty and confusion.

How to make your Doors useful for you in Human Design

Now that we've explored the doors, you might be wondering what to do with this information:

1. Embrace Who You Are: By understanding the gates that are defined in your Human Design, you can embrace your authenticity. This will help you feel more comfortable with yourself.

2. Improve your Relationships: Knowing the doors of others allows you to understand their motivations and communicate effectively.

3. Develop your Gifts: Defined doors represent your natural talents. Cultivate and use these qualities for your personal and professional growth.

4. Overcome Challenges: Recognize the shadows associated with your defined doors and work to overcome specific challenges that may arise.

Doors in Human Design are like treasures that reveal your authenticity. By exploring and accepting these unique qualities, you will embark on an exciting journey toward self-knowledge and personal growth. It's not about labeling yourself, but about understanding and embracing who you are on the path to a richer, more meaningful life.

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